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Microsoft sues Samsung, saying Samsung stopped paying Android phone royalty fees it agreed to in 2011 – @businessinsider

Microsoft sues Samsung, saying Samsung stopped paying Android phone royalty fees it agreed to in 2011 - @businessinsider Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

‘Flappy Bird’ returns to Amazon’s app store


After getting grounded by its creator, Flappy Bird is once again taking flight.

However, a lot has changed. The game is now called Flappy Bird Family, and allows players to battle against each other for the highest score.

There's also one other interesting wrinkle: As of right now, it's only available for Amazon Fire TV. There are no confirmed versions for Apple's App Store or Google Play, and Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen has yet to comment.

"Enjoy playing the game at home (not breaking your TV) with your family and friends," reads a brief description of the game on the Amazon page.

The arrival of Flappy Bird Family confirms a report from CNBC in May that the hit mobile game would return this month with a multiplayer option.

The unusual saga surrounding Flappy Bird started in February, when the game was the most popular on iOS and Android. It featured a bird players kept in the air by tapping the screen, carefully navigating it between pipes. Players likely remember the game for its unforgiving challenge.

But Nguyen surprised players by removing the game from app stores, claiming players were becoming too addicted. "Flappy Bird has unexpected effects," said Nguyen in an interview with USA TODAY in February after he pulled the game. "It causes addiction (in) people. I think it is an unexpected problem ... and I have to remove it."

A month later, Nguyen started hinting at a possible return during an interview with Rolling Stone.

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Girl Accused in ‘Slender Man’ Stabbing Talks to Voldemort

One of two Wisconsin girls accused of stabbing their friend so they could meet the fictional character "Slender Man" simply shrugged today before a judge ruled that she was incompetent to stand trial.

Morgan Geyser had been found not competent by two prior evaluations and today was found incompetent to stand trial by a judge. Geyser and Anissa Weier, both 12, are charged with first degree attempted murder after prosecutors said they lured their friend into the woods and stabbed her 19 times.

Geyser was seen fidgeting in her seat and playing with her hair during the hearing, even pulling a blond strand directly in front of her face at one point. She smiled while watching Weier being led out of the room.

Girl Attacked by Slender Man Fans Gets Purple Heart Why Did 12-Year-Olds Stab Friend For 'Slender Man'?

911 Call Reveals Victim's Struggle in 'Slender Man' Stabbing

Two mental health professionals gave testimony in the Waukesha County Courthouse today, speaking about their evaluations of Geyser before Judge Michael Bohren ruled that she is unfit to stand trial.

Dr. Brooke Lundbohm, who evaluated Geyser on June 18, 2014, said that Geyser's unusual behavior- including what she said was nonsensical rambling and inappropriate, near-hysterical laughter - contributed to her decision that Geyser is incompetent.

Lundbohm said that Geyser spoke with her at length about fictional characters she believes in including unicorns, Slender Man, and Harry Potter villain Voldemort, who Geyser reportedly called "Voldy." She added that Geyser claims that she has Vulcan Mind Control.

PHOTO: One of many internet depictions of the fictional character, Slender Man.

Nicky Kurtzweil

PHOTO: One of many internet depictions of the fictional character, Slender Man.

Dr. Kenneth Robbins also examined Geyser and told the court that Geyser told him she has to be careful about what she says because she believes speaking about Slender Man could cause him to harm her or her family.

Robbins said Geyser claims she and Slender Man can communicate telepathically and Lundbohm said Voldemort "gives her direction."

Both doctors concluded that the pre-teen does not appear to understand the seriousness of her charge, and that was echoed in court when she shrugged as the judge asked if she was competent to assist her attorneys.

The mental health experts described Geyser as a bright student who got good grades and had no behavioral issues at school except one time when she brought a mallet to class.

Weier, Geyser's alleged co-conspirator, was also in court today because her legal team unsuccessfully tried to argue that they should be given hard copies of Geyser's mental evaluations. Weier has not had to undergo any mental evaluations of her own because her attorneys have not yet requested one.

Geyser and Weier are being tried as adults because Wisconsin law dictates that anyone above the age of 10 charged with first degree murder or attempted murder will not be considered juveniles.

The 12-year-old victim, who has not been identified because of her age, was said to have nearly died from her wounds, but has since been released from the hospital and her parents recently released new details about her recovery.

"She's doing great," family spokesperson and media adviser for the Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek S.C. law firm Stephen Lyon told ABC News. "She's healing well. Both physically and emotionally she's getting better."

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Celebrity Talking Tech: Mining heckles

Comedian Steve Hofstetter responds to hecklers on YouTube and gains 21 million views plus a TV host gig for Fox's Laughs TV show. VPC


LOS ANGELES -- Responding to hecklers had paid off for comedian Steve Hofstetter.

He started posting his responses to hecklers on YouTube, and folks liked what they saw. He's picked up over 21 million views to his videos. Honchos at Fox TV liked what they saw, and hired him to produce and host a weekly late-night stand-up comedy series, Laughs, which debuts this weekend on local Fox stations. (Check your TV listings.) The series also airs on the Laughs Youtube channel.

Hofstetter talked comedy and the Internet, his love of the Reddit online community and what he brings with him in his bag when he travels in a recent interview at Fox's studios here.


"Comedy is the most viral thing there is. It's comedy and cute animals. So all we need to do is get a cute animal than can do stand-up and we'll be fine."

He began posting his heckle videos "by complete accident. I didn't want to post my material. The basic idea was my materials is for sale, it's on my albums, and you buy a ticket and see me live. So I didn't put that up. I would just put up the outtakes -- and that was the hecklers. And that just blew up." They're popular because "people enjoy justice. So it's always someone who deserves it. If someone interrupts me, they're dead. It's Gladiator, you win the crowd, you win the day."


He's since learned that online promotion can pay big dividends. He posts his comedy albums for free on his Stevehoffstter.com website. "Metallica had it absolutely wrong, and so does a lot of the music industry. Their view is we need them to pay for this specific song. No, you need them to be a fan, and that will have them pay for many things in the future."


Many comedians post a screenshot of themselves performing, along with one of their jokes in text on the Reddit online community, where the feature is called "Standup Shots." Hofstetter will be featuring them on Laughs.


He brings a cheap, sub-compact $250 Panasonic camcorder to each show, places it on a tabletop tripod, and let's it roll during the shows. Sure, "it's not crystal clear, or TV quality, but if my clips look too produced, they'd say, `This is fake.'"


As a comedian who lives in Los Angeles, but owns comedy clubs in Louisville and Indianapolis, Hofstetter is on the road a lot. He never leaves home without his MacBook Pro computer and the Verizon Jetpack for mobile hot spots. "Internet in the hotel and airport sucks, and when I'm in the car, the other comic is driving, and I'm usually working."

Most of the work is e-mail related: "I subscribe to the Inbox Zero theory. I don't leave an e-mail in my inbox that hasn't been dealt with. I delete it, move it, get it the hell of the way out of there. My wife is funny -- if she needs me to do something, she'll send me an e-mail, because she knows that way I'll get to it."

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The Week in Tech

USA TODAY's Jefferson Graham runs down his weekly recap of the biggest tech stories of the week, highlighting the new Instagram feature that's in response to the growing popularity of Snapchat. VPC


LOS ANGELES -- The top tech news for the week was highlighted by a new Instagram app, larger than expected Twitter popularity, an unexpected takeover bid for no. 4 wireless carrier T-Mobile and big changes at Facebook's mobile app.

-- Bolt. This new app is Instagram's answer to Snapchat, home of the messages that disappear within up to 10 seconds. Bolt won't actually be released here in the United States until later in the year, but it sounds really novel.

Instagram says Bolt will be the fastest way to share photos with one friend.You open the app, snap a shot, and out it goes. The hitch -- it can't be saved, just like Snapchat. Unlike other photo apps, the pictures won't get saved to your phone. Instagram launched the app in New Zealand, Singapore and S. Africa. Look for it here soon.

Snapchat, on the other hand, may have new investors that will bring its valuation to a whopping $10 billion. The company is talking with Chinese giant Alibaba, according to Bloomberg, on a new round of investment. Snapchat is wildly popular, used by young people to send over 700 million photos daily.

-- That other social network, Twitter, has been under pressure from Wall Street to show growth, and this week it did, announcing a larger than expected user base of 271 million folks using the service. The company says that's a 24% increase from a year ago.

-- T-Mobile, the scrappy no. 4 wireless carrier, saw shares of its stock soar after French telecom company Iliad offered to acquire the firm. No. 3 wireless carrier Sprint is also thought to be interested in snapping up T-Mobile, which said it now has 50 million customers.

-- Facebook hinted at this change in April, but this week it became effective. Folks who use the Facebook app to chat with their friends on mobile phones now have to download a second app, Facebook Messenger, if they want to keep talking. Facebook said it made the change to have Messenger be a stronger, more robust app, but some fans aren't happy about having two apps open at the same time.

Finally, the top app download chart is highlighted by -- you guessed it, Facebook Messenger at Apple iTunes, no. 2 on Android ---how else were Facebook's 1 billion plus user base going to see their messages?

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40 Dead, 150 Injured in Gaza as Cease-Fire Collapses

At least 40 people are dead and 150 others were injured in Gaza today despite a planned 72-hour cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, the Palestinian health ministry says.

The cease-fire went into effect at 1 a.m. EST Friday.

Homes were struck in Rafah, which lies near Gaza’s borders with Israel and Egypt, with "tens" of people killed, Palestinian authorities say. Gray smoke was visible following the attack.

The hospital in the area is very small and overwhelmed by the number of people needing medical care, the general director of the health ministry told ABC News.

Israel Defense Forces reports that eight rockets and mortars were recently fired at Israel, with one intercepted and seven hitting open areas.

A spokesperson for United Nations Envoy Robert Serry could neither confirm or deny reports that Israel informed the U.N. it considers the cease-fire over.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas has been ongoing for nearly a month, with more than 1,400 people killed.

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Company ‘Shocked’ After Demoted Employee Allegedly Shot CEO

A gunman killed himself today after shooting his boss in the Bank of America building in Chicago's financial district, authorities said.

The victim was the CEO of the company that the shooter worked for, and police said the gunman had been demoted last Friday.

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy did not name the company that both men worked for. Several companies are based in the Bank of America building.

The 59-year-old man shot the 54-year-old man before turning the gun on himself, police said.

PHOTO: People gather outside 231 South Lasalle St. in Chicago following a shooting inside


PHOTO: People gather outside 231 South Lasalle St. in Chicago following a shooting inside

The 54-year-old victim was taken to Northwestern University Hospital and is in critical condition after suffering a gunshot wound to the head.

The shooter was confirmed dead at the scene, police said.

PHOTO: Police vehicles are parked outside of 231 South Lasalle St. in Chicago following a shooting inside the building.


PHOTO: Police vehicles are parked outside of 231 South Lasalle St. in Chicago following a shooting inside the building.

Law enforcement officials have not released the names of either individual. Police were alerted to the shooting at 9:50 a.m. local time.

The shooting took place on the 17th floor of a building on South LaSalle Street.

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Two Americans With Ebola to Be Flown Back to US

Two American patients stricken with Ebola are to be flown from Africa to the U.S., ABC News has learned.

Meanwhile, there are plans to transfer a patient with Ebola virus infection to Emory University Hospital's special facility containment unit within the next several days, hospital officials said today in a statement. Officials added that it's unclear when the patient will arrive in Atlanta.

Ebola-Stricken Doc Gives 'Experimental Serum' to Coworker

Why We Don’t Have an Ebola Vaccine Yet

US Warns Against Traveling to Ebola-Hit Countries

"Emory University Hospital has a specially built isolation unit set up in collaboration with the CDC to treat patients who are exposed to certain serious infectious diseases," hospital officials said. "It is physically separate from other patient areas and has unique equipment and infrastructure that provide an extraordinarily high level of clinical isolation. It is one of only four such facilities in the country."

"Emory University Hospital physicians, nurses and staff are highly trained in the specific and unique protocols and procedures necessary to treat and care for this type of patient. For this specially trained staff, these procedures are practiced on a regular basis throughout the year so we are fully prepared for this type of situation."

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Why the Crosswalk Buttons in Your City May Not Work

Why did the pedestrians cross the road? Before they got to the other side, they likely pressed crosswalk buttons. But in Dallas and New York City, walkers who pushed the metal buttons likely pushed placebos that did nothing to influence traffic patterns.

Only about 9 percent of crosswalk buttons in New York actually work, a New York City Department of Transportation spokeswoman told ABC News.

"The majority of traffic signals in New York are programmed with a fixed-time operation so the 'walk' message is displayed automatically during each phase of the signal cycle," the spokeswoman said. "Citywide, there are about 100 active push-to-cross pedestrian buttons."

Those 100 active buttons are referred to as "actuated" pedestrian signals, she said.

"At intersections where buttons are no longer functional, the 'walk' message still gets displayed since the signal operates on a regular interval," she said.

New York City's Department of Transportation estimated there were about 1,000 intersections with "decommissioned buttons."

"These are removed when capital projects are scheduled for locations that include them or these intersections undergo other modifications," the spokeswoman said.

In Dallas, nearly all of the 200 traffic signals operate on a pre-timed basis, so hitting crosswalk buttons do nothing, the Dallas Morning News reported on Wednesday.

A Day in the Life of the YouTube Star Who Paid His Parents' Mortgage

What Sprint's New Wireless Plan Says About the Future of Mobile

'Epic' GoPro Video as Stuntman Jumps From Roof

The ineffective or decommissioned buttons weren't a surprise to an engineer for a crosswalk button manufacturer.

Zane Sapp, senior engineer from Campbell Company in Idaho, which sells the buttons to the cities through a distributor, said it's up to cities to connect the buttons to the traffic signals.

Campbell Company manufactures all sorts of crosswalk buttons in the U.S. Some are marketed as audible buttons to inform the blind of the waiting time to cross the street.

“I would guess the majority of Americans don’t know how traffic signals work," he told ABC News.

He suggested cities educate residents and visitors to improve the efficiency of transportation and movement.

In those intersections where crosswalk buttons do influence traffic, he said pushing multiple buttons to cross a street in different directions can slow drivers and pedestrians alike.

Cities can provide technology enhancements for impatient walkers, he said, including new buttons that provide an audio or visual confirmation such as a light that the press was registered.

He said, "People like to press buttons 20 times."

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French Cellphone Carrier Iliad Makes Offer for T-Mobile US, but Is Turned Down – New York Times

New York Times

French Cellphone Carrier Iliad Makes Offer for T-Mobile US, but Is Turned Down
New York Times
Photo. A T-Mobile store in New York.Credit Mark Lennihan/Associated Press. Related Links. T-Mobile and Sprint Zeroing In on a $32 Billion Merger (June 14, 2014) · Iliad news release (in French). Updated, 3:22 p.m. | The French cellphone carrier Iliad said ...
Iliad of France makes surprise bid for T-Mobile USMiamiHerald.com
Iliad bids for control of T-Mobile USFinancial Times
France's Iliad makes a buyout offer for T-Mobile US-sourceReuters
The Globe and Mail
all 432 news articles »
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