Lightyear Wireless Cell Phone Video Reviews

 Lightyear Wireless Cell Phone Video Reviews

The Latest Models of Lightyear Wireless Phones with Complete video reviews can be viewed by clicking this link.

The very handy Kyocera Milano is the perfect Lightyear Wireless phone for folks looking for a full featured Android Smart Phone, but not ready for the higher end mobile models like the HTC Evo. The Kyocera Milano is perfect mobile for people getting their first smart cellular, that would love to have a physical keyboard and touch screen.

To order your Lightyear Wireless cell phone, check to see if the Kyocera Milano is still in stock, or review additional Lightyear products you can click on this link. Also, be sure to check out the refer 5 Referral program. You plus 5 and your mobile service plan is free for life as long as the 5 remain customers with a Lightyear Wireless cell phone plan. See the site for the complete free referral program cell service plan details. Until you find 5 people you are still getting an incredible deal on your Kyocera Milano mobile as it is only $59.95 plus just your state sales tax for unlimited talk, text and web cell phone service with “NO DATA CAP” or slow down. Lightyear does not throttle your data usage and they do not charge all those crazy fees and extra charges that often reach 20-28% of you total bill. Almost all cellular carriers do, but this amazing company does not. Lightyear is the largest cell phone wholesaler in the country and they truly want to help save people money.

One final note, there are often extra discounts that may be available at check out, but due to the variety of smart phone plan options for the Kyocera Milano (or any phone) you may not see the full discounted price until the last page of your check out. There are many things in life that take careful consideration, but when you are saving so much money it really makes it a no brainier. Lightyear Wireless cell phones do sell out, so order yours today.

You can not find a better phone for the price than the LG Optimus Android. *Our #1 seller.

Samsung Replenish is great for those who prefer a full featured cell phone with a keyboard below the screen.

HTC 4G Hero, this phone is just incredible! Words can not describe how good it is.

Throw away your laptop as this Samsung Galaxy tablet does it all!

The Motorolla XPRT is perhaps the best model they have produced so far.

HTC Detail is another smart phone that just is that good.


Samsung Reclaim is a good option for those who prefer the smaller type of mobile.

Check out all of the Lightyear Wireless specials today!


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