Lightyear Wireless Cell Phones Seriously Cut Your Phone Bill

This article will give tips on how to seriously cut your cell phone costs and reduce or eliminate unnecessary spending. Cell phone costs can cause big financial problems. When it comes to cell phones, expenses can be very unpredictable. The total bill is never quite the same because of the different amounts of data usage people use, which makes it hard to judge the cell phone costs when you have multiple users on one account.

However, there are different things people can do to stay on top of their mobile costs and ensure they aren’t paying too much for their mobile service. The following steps may help you cut your cell phone costs.

Step 1: Understand the terms of service and the cell phone costs

Often people foolishly stick with the same mobile provider, frequently without understanding the full terms of their contract or checking weather a better plan is available. A lot of customers get into a contract cellular plan without ever having paid attention to what they actually need. You should know what you need and find the best price for it. But what’s really bad is when you know your needs and your cell phone provider slows down your data to the point of making the web useless. Don’t be surprised when it happens to you. Watch this short video from Fox News for more on being slowed down:

Owners should always check their mobile costs to make sure the items they are paying for are ones they need and use. When your contract expires, be willing to leave for a different carrier and never just assume the price is good. Shop around and consider going with a no contract cell phone plan as it leaves you with all of your options available. Don’t fall for the free mobile trick with a new 2 year contract. Almost always, you are just paying for that mobile and a lot more over the longer course of 2 years. Sure your mobile is free, but your plan sucks. I’m a big fan of no contract service, because if there are any surprise fees (the fine print you can never understand) or excessive cellular costs I can get out without really getting hurt.

Step 2: Use Wi-Fi when it is available

For many people, their mobile is their only phone and gives them access to Wi-Fi. Switching to Wi-Fi whenever you can will lower data-usage costs and it also allows you to have increased speed. Even if you have an unlimited plan, Wi-Fi has the ability to create a better web experience. For people that use a lot of data, it will certainly be a big help.

Step 3: VoIP is another good tool

People should also find things for their mobile in the Android market that let them make cheap internet phone calls. Services like Google Voice and Skype, can save you even more money. When you choose to place telephone calls over VoIP, using Wi-Fi service there is no or very marginal cost.

Step 4: Consider going with Lightyear . They are the largest cellular wholesaler in the nation.

Lightyear Wireless is the largest mobile phone wholesaler in the nation and they offer top level service for less than retail prices! They have partnered with Sprint and Verizon to offer incredible deals on wireless service. In fact, are able to get prices that are much cheaper than buying directly from any of the big 4 providers and it’s the same quality as if you were paying more. Lightyear Wireless service is not some junk mobile service like Metro, Walmart, etc… they provide top level service from 2 of the big 4 providers and the savings are huge! Their flagship cellular plan is unlimited talk, text, and web with no data cap or slow down for only $59.95. Also, instead of the 20-25% tax and fees the big 4 charge, you only pay your state sales tax. However, the truly incredible part is that they offer customers a way to earn free mobile service with their refer 5 program. Using Lightyear Wireless will let you seriously cut your cell phone costs and have an affordable cellular plan with great service.

Step 5: Consider Early Termination Of A Bad Cell Phone Plan

If you are in a bad contract and can save a significant amount of money by switching to a better or a no contract mobile plan, then it may be worth it to pay the early termination fee. Things to consider would be time remaining on the contract and the total costs of doing so. The costs of termination and weather it is prorated as some of the providers now do. How much of a savings will the new no contract service provide over the time you had left on the old contract? If switching generates any kind of savings, then it’s worth doing as it’s easy to do. You get to keep your old number and if you switch to no contract wireless you gain more control over your expenses. Switching may be worth it even if it’s not a great savings, just to no longer have to worry about minutes &/or texts &/or data. You deserve high quality unlimited cellular service at an excellent price! Visit Lightyear Wireless Specials today and see why we are the phone company for you!

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Lightyear Wireless Cell Phone Video Reviews

 Lightyear Wireless Cell Phone Video Reviews

The Latest Models of Lightyear Wireless Phones with Complete video reviews can be viewed by clicking this link.

The very handy Kyocera Milano is the perfect Lightyear Wireless phone for folks looking for a full featured Android Smart Phone, but not ready for the higher end mobile models like the HTC Evo. The Kyocera Milano is perfect mobile for people getting their first smart cellular, that would love to have a physical keyboard and touch screen.

To order your Lightyear Wireless cell phone, check to see if the Kyocera Milano is still in stock, or review additional Lightyear products you can click on this link. Also, be sure to check out the refer 5 Referral program. You plus 5 and your mobile service plan is free for life as long as the 5 remain customers with a Lightyear Wireless cell phone plan. See the site for the complete free referral program cell service plan details. Until you find 5 people you are still getting an incredible deal on your Kyocera Milano mobile as it is only $59.95 plus just your state sales tax for unlimited talk, text and web cell phone service with “NO DATA CAP” or slow down. Lightyear does not throttle your data usage and they do not charge all those crazy fees and extra charges that often reach 20-28% of you total bill. Almost all cellular carriers do, but this amazing company does not. Lightyear is the largest cell phone wholesaler in the country and they truly want to help save people money.

One final note, there are often extra discounts that may be available at check out, but due to the variety of smart phone plan options for the Kyocera Milano (or any phone) you may not see the full discounted price until the last page of your check out. There are many things in life that take careful consideration, but when you are saving so much money it really makes it a no brainier. Lightyear Wireless cell phones do sell out, so order yours today.

You can not find a better phone for the price than the LG Optimus Android. *Our #1 seller.

Samsung Replenish is great for those who prefer a full featured cell phone with a keyboard below the screen.

HTC 4G Hero, this phone is just incredible! Words can not describe how good it is.

Throw away your laptop as this Samsung Galaxy tablet does it all!

The Motorolla XPRT is perhaps the best model they have produced so far.

HTC Detail is another smart phone that just is that good.


Samsung Reclaim is a good option for those who prefer the smaller type of mobile.

Check out all of the Lightyear Wireless specials today!


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